• Heroes
    Your Hero is your greatest and most important Unit, in part because it provides bonuses to your other Units. You can have only one Hero at a time, but you can change Heroes and change your Hero's name at any time.


    To choose your Hero, click on the Hero icon on the top right corner of your screen and then press the "Select Hero" button. You can then make your choice – just remember to click Apply. Remember: you'll need the Hero Selector Item to change your Hero. This Item can be acquired exclusively here, in the "Select your Hero" window.
    To change your Hero's Name, open the same Hero window and press the button with the pen image on it, located next to your Hero's current name. Enter the name that you would like to be displayed in the game and press "Apply". You can change the name anytime you like.


    This window contains all your Equipment Items, Equipment Chests, and special Keys. Here you can see all the bonuses that your Items provide for your Units. Equip your Hero by dragging an Item into one of the Slots surrounding your Hero, or click on the Item and press "Equip". As mentioned, you can also change your Hero and their name from here.
  • Equipment - Overview
    Equipment Items are special Items that can be found throughout Darkshine and are recovered in battles. They affect different attributes of your Units, granting either a Defensive or an Offensive bonus. Offensive Items in the game include Weapons, Gloves, Boots, and certain Rings, while Helmets, Shields, Armor and the rest of the Rings are Defensive.

    The strength of an Equipment Item's attributes is proportional to its rarity (from least to most rare: Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Mythical). The harder it is to find, the stronger the Item's effect. Moreover, Equipment Items can have an effect on one or several types of Units (Infantry, Cavalry, Occult Units, and Bestiary). To see the Equipment's statistics, press on the Item.

    Inventory and Temporary Inventory

    You have two Inventories - Permanent and Temporary. Initially, you have 18 slots in your Permanent Inventory. All the Items gained in battle will automatically go there. Once the Permanent Inventory is full, Items will be sent to the Temporary Inventory, at which point a timer will begin counting down to the moment when the Equipment Item is permanently deleted. If the Temporary Inventory is full, obtaining a new Item will automatically delete the oldest Item from your Temporary Inventory in order to make room for it. If you feel that you need more space for Equipment, you can purchase additional rows of Slots by clicking on them.

    Certain Equipment Items might come in special Chests.

    To equip your Hero, simply drag the Item into one of the Slots surrounding the Hero or, alternately, simply click "Equip" on the Item in question. Each Slot corresponds to the Item type.


    There are 4 types of Chests:
    1. Class I Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Infantry.
    2. Class II Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to both Infantry and Cavalry.
    3. Class III Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Infantry, Cavalry, and Occult Units.
    4. Class IV Chests contain Equipment that will grant bonuses (either Offensive or Defensive) to Infantry, Cavalry, Occult, and Bestiary Units.

    Each Chest contains one Equipment Item.

    Opening Chests requires Special Keys, which you can win in the game or get from the Black Market. To choose a Key that will open a given Chest, click on the Chest and look at the Item's Rarity and the Chest name – combining them will tell you which Key is needed. e.g. If the Chest is a Class II Chest and the Rarity is Uncommon, then you will need an Uncommon Class II Key to open it.
  • Selling and Upgrading Equipment
    Equipment Items can be upgraded to improve the bonuses they give.


    To upgrade an Item, you will need Moon Coins. You can obtain Moon Coins by selling other Equipment Items. You can choose which Item you would like to sell – typically, one that is of little strategic value to you, or one of a lower level. The higher the level of the Item, the more Moon Coins you will get for selling it.
    To sell the Item, simply click on the selected Item and press "Sell". Selling Equipment for Moon Coins takes time. The number of Moon Coins you have is displayed above the Inventory.


    When you have enough Moon Coins to upgrade an Equipment Item, click on the selected Item and press "Upgrade". Then wait until the upgrade process is complete.


    1. Once you click "Sell", your Item will then be sold for valuable Moon Coins. You cannot reverse this action and thus cannot return your Item once the selling process has been initiated.
    2. Likewise, once you click "Upgrade", your Item will start its transformation. This action cannot be reversed, and the Moon Coins devoted to the upgrade cannot be reapplied to different Items.
    3. You can only upgrade or sell one Item at a time. As this process takes some time, carefully consider which Item you wish to sell or upgrade.
    4. You can upgrade or sell Equipment in your Permanent Inventory ONLY. If the Item is in the Temporary Inventory or your Hero is currently wearing it, you will need to place it in the Permanent Inventory before selling or upgrading it.