Global Tournaments

  • Solo Tournament
    Solo Tournaments are special events in which you compete individually with fellow Lords and Ladies across Darkshine in a variety of different arenas. Though participation is voluntary, the outcome of each Global Tournament can alter the Stormfall storyline, result in permanent changes to the game map, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players.

    Participating in Tournaments will oftentimes, but not always, require Lords and Ladies to put their warriors at risk. Participants must collect as many Tournament Points as possible by clashing with enemies on the battlefield or carrying out other types of quests - the goals vary based on which Tournament is being held. Upon the completion of a Solo Tournament, all contributing Lords and Ladies will be rewarded according to the size of their contribution.

    By the will of the gods, each Lord and Lady will be placed into a Tier suiting their level of experience: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, or Expert. One's reward from a Solo Tournament depends in part upon which Tier one belongs to when the Tournament begins. Thus, even novice players can receive large rewards by claiming the highest positions in their Tier - not only the most experienced players shall emerge victorious. Players will remain locked in their Tier for the duration of the Tournament, regardless of whether they level up during the course of the Tournament.
  • Soulstones
    You can only earn Soulstones by completing Global Tournaments. You cannot purchase them using Iron, Gold, Food, or Sapphires. Furthermore, you also cannot exchange them or send them as gifts to other players. Other players cannot raid Soulstones from your Castle. You may use Soulstones to purchase unique Scrolls that are required to train Vampire Units and unlock other game features. Once you have amassed enough Soulstones, visit the Black Market, open the "Soulstones" tab, and select the item you wish to purchase.

    Check the Black Market to view the full list of items and Castle improvements you are able to purchase.
  • PvP Warfare
    Your enemies are constantly developing their Castles, trying to gain an advantage. But sometimes developing your Castle isn't enough. Battle other Lords and Ladies to get Tournament Points. Their fear shall be your Reward! The more enemy Units you take down, the more Points you'll get. Those who succeed will get eye-popping rewards!
  • Battleground Conquest
    In this Tournament, Lords and Ladies need to use their Units to clear out Battlegrounds across Darkshine. You shall get Tournament Points for each one of Balur's minions you defeat. The more Points you collect, the bigger the Reward you shall receive! Spare no effort and reap immense Rewards!
  • Resource Rally
    Be warned – not all can succeed here. Raid the Castles of your Enemies - the more Resources you acquire, the more Tournament Points you will earn. Bear in mind that other players will also be attempting to raid your Castle. Tournament Points shall be distributed on the basis of net Resources raided – thus, the amount of Resources that were taken from you shall be subtracted from the amount of Resources you collect from successful Raids. This will make for a fluctuating Tournament score, so stay vigilant until the end of the Tournament!
  • Beacon Conquest
    This Tournament takes the battle from the arena into the global map. You will need to conquer and hold Beacons in order to earn Tournament Points, and the ultimate number of Tournament Points you collect directly depends on how many Units you take down at the Beacons.
  • Recruitment Race
    Here Lords and Ladies will compete with each other by recruiting Units. Train, purchase or even resurrect these Units in order to earn Tournament Points. The higher the skill level of the Units, the more Tournament Points you will get!
  • Lost Arts Race
    Lords and Ladies need not demonstrate their might on the battlefield here, but rather their wisdom. The sword is not always the solution – sometimes a swift mind is worth more than the sharpest of blades. Discovering Lost Arts will earn you Tournament Points here. The more time a Lost Art takes to Discover or Upgrade, the more Tournament Points you will achieve!
  • Construction Campaign
    Behind every mighty army, there is a great Castle. Construct and upgrade buildings in your Castle to get Tournament Points. The longer a building takes to Construct or Upgrade, the more Tournament Points you will achieve! Whoever makes the greatest progress wins!
  • League Milestones
    League Milestones are special marks that indicate the factor your rewards will be multiplied by. They appear only in the "Milestone" Global Tournaments, in which your League can take part. The more your League succeeds at completing Tournament goals, the greater the Milestones you will reach. The amount of points a League needs to earn in order to reach the next Milestone will depend entirely upon the size of the League. The bigger the League, the more points it shall need in order to advance. Wake your League from its stupor and get tremendous rewards!
  • League Tournaments
    League Tournaments are special types of Tournaments that your League can take part in together. Any Tournament Points you collect shall be added to overall contribution of your League. The more Points your League Members collect, the bigger the Reward you shall be granted upon Tournament completion. Bear in mind that all participating League Members shall receive the same Rewards. To be eligible to receive the League Reward, you must be a permanent member of a League. If a League Tournament appears locked to you, this signifies that you must first complete your League Training and achieve a higher League Rank. League Tournaments require high levels of coordination and teamwork, so gather your Leaguemates and commence training today!
  • Experience Exhibition
    Venture forth and explore Darkshine! Gain Experience for various in-game tasks. Demonstrate your battle skills, develop your Castle into a thing of beauty or delve into the Lost Arts and amaze the other Lords and Ladies of the land - all is fair in this Tournament! You will be granted one Tournament Point for every Experience Point you gain during the course of the Tournament. Thus, as you grow, so shall your rewards!

    Take heed of one exception: Daily Quests, while they yield Experience Points, shall not bring you Tournament Points.
  • Hamlet Harvest
    In this Tournament, there are two ways to earn Tournament Points. You're tasked with capturing, occupying and defending Hamlets across Darkshine.

    You shall receive Tournament Points for all the Resources you successfully collect from Hamlets, so the longer you hold these sites, and the more Defensive Units you have stationed there to gather and load Resources, the higher your score will be. Note: Different Resources grant different amounts of Tournament Points. 10 Sapphires collected, for example, are worth more Tournament Points than 10 Iron.

    You shall also win Tournament Points for any enemy Units you destroy in battle at Hamlets – regardless of whether you are on the offensive or defensive side, and regardless of whether you win or lose the battle.

    For more information on capturing Hamlets and holding them, refer to the "Hamlets" section.
  • Hamlet Hostility
    This PvP Tournament tasks you with engaging in combat at Hamlets throughout the lands of Darkshine. You shall receive Tournament Points for every enemy Unit successfully defeated in battle at Hamlets, regardless of whether you were defending one that you held or attacking someone else's. Even if you lose the battle, you will still score Tournament Points based on the amount of enemies you took down with you!

    Note: Stronger Units may yield more Tournament Points than weaker ones.

    For further information on how to capture and hold Hamlets, refer to the "Hamlets" section."
  • Dragon Derby
    A mighty creature sleeps restlessly in the darkest enclaves of your Castle, preparing itself for war. Now the time has come to wake the beast and call it to action! Your scaly companion was made for this moment: the Dragon Derby is your Dragon's chance to shine! Show off your beast's fierce battle skills by slaying Monsters to earn Tournament Points! Discovering and upgrading Dragon Arts will earn you even more Tournament Points, as well as helping you develop your Castle and armies even faster!
  • League Fortress Showdown
    This Tournament gives Lords and Ladies who belong to a League the chance to demonstrate their might and power! Prepare yourself for a brutal fight to the death! There are a number of different ways to receive Tournament Points during the League Fortress Showdown: You can upgrade your own League Fortress, or alternatively downgrade the League Fortresses of your rivals - fighting and destroying enemy Units in the process! You will receive Tournament Points when you take down enemy Units at any League Fortress. Remember: the bigger and more fearsome Units you can take down, the more Tournament Points you will earn!