• Letters
    You can send messages to other players via the Mail Server.

    To send messages to your Friends and Allies, click "Letters" on the user menu.

    In the "Letters" window you'll find messages received from Oberon, your Friends, your Enemies, and your Allies. There you will also find letters you have sent to other Lords.

    To write a new message, click "Pen a Letter." You can choose whom to write in two tabs - "Friends" and "League".

    To write a message to a friend, choose a Friend from the list, and type the text in a special window. Click "Send" after that.
    You can also send messages to your League Members. Choose the "League" tab and choose the League Ranks which will receive your letter. Click "Send to all" after that.

    To be able to exchange messages with other players, go to the Map, place your cursor over the player's Castle and click the Scroll Icon.

    Once you've done that, enter message text and send it.

    Open the "Blacklist" tab to view the Lords you've blocked.

    To stop receiving communications from other users, add them to your Blacklist. Messages from users on your blacklist will be automatically deleted. Open the "Mail" window and click the "Block user" button to blacklist a player.
  • Chat
    You can send messages to other online players in real-time using the game's Chat function. To use Chat, click on the "Chat" button on the right side of your Friends Panel. You can interact with other Lords from the Chat interface by clicking on another Lord's name and choosing a desired action (Open Profile, Send Letter, Blacklist, Add to Contacts) from the pop-up menu. To send a chat message simply enter text and click the "Send" button.
  • Rankings
    To view your Ranking against the other players, click "Rankings" from the user menu.

    Global Ranking displays your position against all the users that play "Stormfall".

    The Friends Ranking shows your position among all your Friends that play "Stormfall".

    Rankings are divided into Legends, Champions, and Current Ranking according to level of importance.

    Legends displays the names of all players to ever place in the Weekly Rankings.

    Champions displays names of players who took top positions last week.

    Current Ranking shows the current players relative positions.

    There are 5 types of Rankings:

    Offense - ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy Units while attacking other Castles. Defense – ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy Units while defending their own Castle. Raid - ranks players who seized the largest amount of Resources when raiding other Castles. Sieges – ranks players who laid siege upon the highest number of Castles. Tribute - ranks players who have seized the greatest amount of Resources while Occupying other Castles.

    Global Ranking displays your position among all users that play "Stormfall".

    Among Friends Ranking shows your position among all your Friends that play "Stormfall".

    To see where you stand in the Rankings click on "My Ranking" button. Click "Top 10" to see the leaders in the chosen category.
  • Experience
    You gain Experience Points for defeating Enemy Units, discovering Lost Arts, and constructing or upgrading buildings. Once you've gained the required number of Experience Points, you level up. The Experience progress bar is on the top menu, showing you how many more points you need before the next level. Each new Level earns you Sapphires.

    To find out how many Experience Points you get for discovering the Lost Arts and constructing buildings, open a Lost Art's information window in the Lost Arts panel, or view info about the building in the "Construction" tab. Your Level serves to show other players your progress in the game. Players can view each others' Levels by visiting their Castles, or from the map.

    You will receive Skull Runes with every new Experience Level you reach in the game. The number of Runes recevied with each level-up will increase over time:

    Levels 2 – 34/ 2 Runes
    Levels 35 – 64/ 4 Runes
    Levels 65 – 79/ 6 Runes
    Levels 80 + / 8 Runes

    Skull Runes CANNOT be bought at the Black Market, given as gifts, or traded. Skull Runes have been applied retroactively to reflect your current Experience Level.
  • Map
    To go to the Map, click "Map" from the User menu. To go home, click "Home" from the Map or Castle menu, or click twice on your Castle. You can scroll across the Map in 3 ways:

    1. Click and drag the Map with your mouse. (Sliding mode).
    2. Use the arrows on the bottom menu.
    3. Enter coordinates in the bottom right corner of the Map and click "Go".

    All Castles have corresponding x coordinates (number at the bottom of the screen) and y coordinates (number on the left side of the screen). Place your mouse over any player's Castle and you will see the coordinates below its name.

    Imperial Map

    The Imperial Map is a scale on the game Map that displays Leagues according to their political influence. To view the Imperial Map, go to the Map and select one of the scale buttons in the upper right corner of the screen (just below the "Castle" button).

    League Marshals and League Captains can designate the combatant status of other Leagues from the "Leagues" tab at the Embassy. Find the League you wish to designate from the League list, then mark them as either Neutral, Enemy, or Allied. Once you've changed a League's status, it will be reflected on the Imperial Map with an appropriate icon for all your League Members.

    Captured Beacons will appear on the Map with the occupying League's logo.
  • Tracking Units and Caravans
    Place your cursor over another player's Castle to find out the distance between your Castles. The further the distance, the more time it takes your Caravans and Units to travel between Castles.

    You can view each Unit's speed at the building where the Unit is produced. Every Unit moves at a different speed.

    When tracking a unit, its average speed is displayed. When sending a Force made up of different units, the entire force moves at the rate of of the slowest Unit. (So if you're in a hurry, leave the slow ones behind.)

    Caravan speed depends on your Traders' Inn upgrade Level.

    The maximum travel time for all Units is 24 hours. The minimum time is 1 minute. The travel time of Units and Caravans moving between friendly Castles is 24 times less than their banner travel time.
  • Modifying Your Castle and Fortifications
    To modify your Castle:

    1. From within your Castle, click the "Edit" button in the right-hand panel to enter Editing Mode.
    2. Click the object you wish to move.
    3. Select "Move" or "Rotate" to re-position them anywhere within your Castle. Some objects can only move along the outside perimeter, such as Fortifications, and cannot be placed inside the Castle, while others can be installed both inside and along the perimeter of your Castle.
    4. After you've finished modifying your Castle, click "Save".

    While modifying your Castle's perimeter Fortifications and Improvements, remember that there are 2 levels - lower (Walls, Towers and Gates) and upper (Catapults, Ballistae, Sentries, etc.). Remember that Catapults, Ballistae, and Sentries can only be placed on top of Towers and Gates.
  • Settings
    You can control the game Settings from the upper right corner of the screen. The Full Screen button enables full screen mode. It's highly recommended that you play the game in full screen mode for the best gameplay experience. Selecting the opposing arrows (the Inertial Scrolling Button) enables/disables inertial scrolling on the Map. The Music button enables/disables music in the game, and the Sound button enables/disables event and game sounds.
  • Profile
    You can access detailed information on other Lords in Stormfall by accessing their Profile. You can also open a Lord's Profile by:

    1. Click on the player's profile photo and selecting the "Open Profile" option in the drop-down menu.
    2. Click on the "Chat" button, then click on the Lord's name and select the "Open Profile" option.
    3. Go to the Lord's Castle, and click "Open Profile" next to its Lord's name.

    A Lord's Profile provides info on:
    - general information about the player - designation, Castle name and coordinates, user name, and current Level;
    - Feats of Valor - general info about his accomplishments on the battlefield;
    - any League the Lord is currently a member of - by clicking on the League's icon you will be able to view it's description and terms;
    - player's Offense, Defense, Raid and Siege points.
  • Feats of Valor
    Click the "Feats of Valor" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen to view your Medallions. Construct and upgrade Buildings, collect Tribute items and Resources, or discover Lost Arts to gain more Medallions and Sapphires. Use the Hints next to each type of Medallion to find out how you can earn one. Place your cursor over the question mark to read them. Open "Profile" from your Friend List to view their Medallions.