• Overview
    You will gain access to a variety of different kinds of Units: Infantry, Cavalry, Occult Units, and Bestiary Units. You can use them to protect your Castle, besiege, or raid other Castles, and support your Allies in coordinated campaigns. Discover the Lost Arts and construct new Buildings to unlock new, more powerful Units.
  • Offense and Defense
    Most Units fall into one of two categories: Offensive or Defensive. To see detailed stats on a Unit's effectiveness against a specific category of opponent, click on its icon before purchasing it. A Red border indicates an Offensive Unit, while a green border indicates a Defensive Unit. Defensive Units are at a disadvantage when attacking, but they are highly effective at protecting a Castle or Town.

    Conversely, Offensive units are heavily weighted towards offensive maneuvers, but they have a low defense value. A good tactic is to develop dedicated forces of either Offensive or Defensive Units tasked with taking or holding Castles, respectively.
  • Regular vs. Imperial Units
    There are two variants of every Unit in the game - Regular and Imperial. Regular Units are purchased with Gold, Iron and Food. Imperial Units are purchased with Sapphires and cost significantly less Resources. Regular and Imperial Units are otherwise identical in performance and stats.

    You may also add Castle Guardians to your Castle's Defense. Guardians are special improvement Items that act as permanent defensive Units stationed within your Castle grounds. These may only be stationed inside your Castle, and may be resurrected or repaired for free after each enemy attack.

    In addition to Guardians, you will eventually be able to acquire Legendary Units. These Units receive powerful attributes and bonuses when sent into battle with supporting Units of the same type (Infantry, Cavalry, Occult Units, and Bestiary Units).
  • Unit Statistics
    Your armies are divided into four different branches: Infantry, Cavalry, Occult Units, and Bestiary Units. Each one of these branches field 4 different Units - 2 Offensive and 2 Defensive.

    Each of these Units have their own particular balance of effectiveness against the Offensive or Defensive Units of each branch. Click the question mark or directly on the image of the Unit to find out detailed information about its strengths and weakness.

    Each military Unit has the following stats:
    - Unit Type: to which class a Unit belongs (Infantry, Cavalry, Occult, or Bestiary);
    - Upgrade Level: the Level to which you've upgraded your Unit (max. 20);
    - Cost: the amount of Resources spent for production;
    - Capacity: The amount of Resources the Unit can steal on raids;
    - Speed: The speed at which this Unit travels on the Map;
    - Production time: The amount of time required to produce each Unit;
    - Offense: The amount of damage it will inflict on each category of defending enemy Unit;
    - Defense: The amount of damage it will inflict on each category of attacking enemy unit;
    - Food Consumption: The amount of Food required to maintain this unit every hour.

    You can increase a Units statistics by:
    - Applying Relics;
    - Mastering Lost Arts;
    - Using Skull Runes at the Obelisk of Power;
    - Deploying them with Legendary Units;
    Take this into account when planning your military activity and building your Army.
  • Using your Units
    All combat Units are produced by specific Military buildings. Discover new Lost Arts to unlock new buildings and Units. The higher the Mastery Level of a Lost Art, the stronger the Unit it unlocks will be during an engagement.
    Your Units can be used for different purposes:
    - Attacks, Raids, Spy Missions, or Defense of Castles, Battlegrounds, Settlements, or Beacons;
    - Reinforcements sent to Allies;
    You can send Units to assist your friends in several ways (see the "Lord Interactions" section for more).
  • Wraiths
    Wraiths are multi-purpose undead Infantry Units. They are equally well-suited for both Offensive and Defensive roles, do not consume Food for their maintenance and can carry a large load of Resources during Raids. If a Wraith is defeated, you can revive it as soon as you have new Souls at your Crypt. You can create up to 3 new Wraiths a day. Each of your Friends can create an additional Wraith for you once a day by clicking your Crypt. You can maintain up to 50 Wraiths simultaneously. One Soul is need to summon each Wraith. Every day the Vessel of Souls at your Crypt is automatically replenished with enough to summon your daily max. of Wraiths.

    When sent to a Castle as Reinforcements, no more than 2000 Wraiths will fight for its defense. Wraith losses in a defensive battle will be spread proportionally across the total number of Wraith detachments reinforcing the Castle.